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    NTEP Certified Scales Legal for Trade

    NTEP Legal for Trade Scales

    Our selection of NTEP legal for trade scales includes things like laboratory balances, bench scales, digital weight indicators, industrial floor scales, load cells, and truck scales. These items have a certificate of conformance. The NTEP Certified Legal For Trade scales available from Central Carolina Scale provide the highest possible accuracy when weight is a critical factor. We have many legal for trade scales available from various suppliers.

    • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-hd-truck-scale.jpg
      Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD truck scale is a heavy duty vehicle scale with a checkered steel deck driving surface. This rugged scale is ideal for users who require long-lasting performance for moderate to heavy traffic and axle loads. Cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of the Bridgemont design.
    • weigh-tronics-prodec-floor-scale-system.jpg
      Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Floor Scale SystemAvery Weigh-Tronix Deck and Indicator System incorporates either a 48" x 48" or 60" x 60" 5,000 lb ProDec Floor Scale with Avery Weigh-Tronix ABS or Stainless Steel ZM201 Indicator or an Aluminum or Stainless Steel ZM301 or ZM303 Weight Indicator. Factory calibrated and certificate of calibration.
    • salter-brecknell-dcsb-floor-scale-sb521.jpg
      Brecknell DCSB Floor Scale SystemBrecknell DCSB system includes an IP65 rated mild steel general purpose weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells. Factory calibrated with SBI-521 LED indicator and interface cable. Choices of sizes and capacities. NTEP legal for trade.
    • brecknell-3800lp-ntep-bench-scale-system.jpg
      Brecknell 3800LP Calibrated with SBI-505 Brecknell 3800LP Series is calibrated with SBI-505 LED Indicator and features Low Cost, High Performance features like Weighing, Counting or Checkweighing. The large, Easy to Read LED Display and Battery or AC/DC Operation are ideal. Painted mild steel indicator and cast base with stainless steel shroud. NTEP legal for trade.
    • brecknell-pc3060-ntep-price-computing-scale
      Brecknell PC3060 Price Computing ScaleBrecknell PC3060 Price Computing Scale is NTEP approved at 3000d Class III. By combining two capacities into one scale, it provides you with a wider weighing range. The 15/30 kg and 30/60 lb capacities allow you to weigh smaller and larger products on the same scale without losing resolution.
    • nci-7815-ups-shipping-scale.jpg
      NCI 7815 Shipping Scale 12x14The NCI 7815 shipping scale is suitable for parcels and large packages up to 75kg/150lb. This postal scale is highly accurate and legal for trade in the US, allowing you to charge by weight directly from it. It is also switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility. 7815R features remote display only. 12"x14" platform
    • intercomp-cs1500-crane-scale.jpg
      Intercomp CS1500 Industrial Crane ScaleIntercomp CS1500RFX High Performance Crane Scale features Fully Integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology. Capacity range of 500 lb to 20,000 lb, easy to read, LCD or LED available. NTEP Models and use standard alkaline batteries.
    • intercomp-cw250-platform-scale.jpg
      Intercomp CW250 Portable Platform ScaleIntercomp CW250 is available in capacities ranging from 150lb to 3,000lb, RFX?Wireless CW250?Platform Scales are available in two platform sizes 15 x 15 or 24 x 24, are battery operated, rugged and can be transported to any weighing application. Standard alkaline AA batteries last up to 300 hours
    • intercomp-pt300-wheel-load-scale.jpg
      Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load ScaleIntercomp PT 300 Wheel Weigh Scales are digital wheel load scales designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 12" wide platform accommodates single tire (outside tire in dual wheel configuration).
    • btek-4square-industrial-floor-scale.jpg
      B-Tek 4 Square Industrial Floor ScaleThe B-TEK 4-Square floor scale offers a well constructed platform for use in warehouses, commercial facilities and light industrial locations. NTEP approved, tread plate decking, top access junction box and a tough two-component epoxy paint. Precision alloy steel load cells and adjustable leveling feet
    • cardinal-armor-steel-deck-truck-scale.jpg
      Cardinal EPR Electronic Steel Deck Truck ScaleEPR (Armor Series) Electronic Steel Deck truck scale models feature USA-made stainless steel double-ended shear beam load cells, load cell stands, foundation kit (bumpers and approach coping), suspension parts, no-bolt powder-painted weighbridge modules, robotically-welded structural steel tubing
    • CL5000.jpg
      CAS CL5000 NTEP Label Printing ScaleThe CAS Corporation CL5000 Label Printing Scale has the functions you need at an affordable price. Includes CL-Works software package. Use in supermarkets, specialty stores, deli's and more. Choice of basic counter top scale (CL-5000B), counter top scale with pole display (CL-5000R) or hanging scale version (CL-5000H).
    • Summit-3000-Floor-Scale-Package.jpg
      Digi Summit 3000 Low-Profile 4x4 Floor Scale PackageDigi Summit 3000 Floor Scale and Indicator Package is an economical choice for industrial weighing tasks, with a durable low-profile deck. This Legal for Trade scale comes factory calibrated with easy-to-use Digital Weight Display and 20 feet of load cell cable.
    • doran-8000xl-battery-powered-stainless-steel-scale.jpg
      Doran 8000XL Battery Power Stainless Steel ScaleDoran 8000XL stainless steel washdown scale features internal rechargeable battery and charger provides a simple-to-maintain scale that can fully charge the battery in five hours, even while the scale is being used. The basic controls are all hereZero, Units, and Print, you can't get any simpler than that.
    • doran-mvp-industrial-bench-scale.jpg
      Doran MVP Mild Steel General Purpose ScaleA scale for every situation, Dorans MVP Series Industrial Scales provide the flexibility to meet your most demanding weighing tasks. Choose from the basic indicator and base configuration or the complete stand alone system with the optional columns, wheel casters, or conveyor top.
    • Pennsylvania-7300-Shipping-Scale.jpg
      Pennsylvania 7300 Shipping ScalePennsylvania 7300 is not a cheap plastic office store shipping scale. Capacities from 2 lb, 5 lb, (8 x 8" platforms) to popular 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200 lbs models (12" x 14" platter) Standard Lbs/Kgs or choose any 2 weighing units. Programmable and flexible RS-232 (DB9) has settings for UPS WorldShip
    • Survivor-ATV-portable-truck-scale.jpg
      Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck ScaleThe SURVIVOR ATV truck scale contains all of the benefits of the SURVIVOR line all with the added feature of portability. The ATV features an extremely low 20-inch profile, and provides easy setup & expandability for road construction, timber operations and growing businesses where portability is a necessity.
    • vibra-sj-legal-for-trade-approved-dispensary-scale
      Intelligent SJ Series NTEP Dispensary ScaleIntelligent SJ-620 Series NTEP legal for trade weighing balance featuring Vibra?Tuning Fork Inside. Below Balance Weighing, Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN, Counting, Checkweighing, RS232 Interface via DIN5 Connector, Optional Rechargeable Battery, Pan Size: 5.5″ Diameter. 620 x 0.01g
    • cardinal-eb-185-ntep-scales
      Cardinal EB-185 Series Bench ScaleCardinal Scale EB bench scales with 185 Rival weight indicators feature battery power allowing them to be moved easily to multiple locations, bold 1 inch high backlit LCD for high-visibility readouts, 3 platform sizes and 5 capacities available. Capacities range from 15 lb up to 300 lb and the EB series is NTEP, OIML, and Measurement Canada legal for trade.
    • mettler-toledo-bc60-ups-shipping-scale
      Mettler Toledo BC-60 Shipping ScaleMettler Toledo BC60 scales include the latest technology & is the replacement for the legendary PS60 scale. Offers same ruggedness, reliability, and easy to use. Designed to work with UPS WorldShip? FedEx Ship Manager? DHL EasyShip?& other shipping and manifesting software. Ideal for parcel shipping stores, warehouse packing stations & shipping departments.
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